Chicama is known as one of the longest waves in the world, some call it the longest and in addition to that there is a strong current that runs from South to North that makes it almost impossible to paddle back the point break, for that we offer We offer a tow back service with our Zodiacs from the end of the wave back to the takeoff. This service allows you to take more waves optimizing your surf session. You can add this service to your reservation or book it at the hotel´s front desk.

Our Tow-Back Services:

Shared Boat

It’s our normal service that includes as many boat rides back to the point break sharing the boat with other guests.

• Price : US$ 50 for two sessions a day or US$ 30 for one session a day.

• Boat Hours : From 8:30am until 11:30am and from 3:00pm until 5:30pm.

• For safety reason we won´t offer our Tow-back shared service with Foilers as it will mainly be offered to surfers. Please, request a Private Boat for your foiling session as you will be foiling a different section of the wave, mainly starting at la Punta and you can also be towed into waves with this service. Up to 3 Foilers will be allowed in the Private Boat.

Private Boat:

It’s our exclusive service if you want to have your own private boat and don’t share it with other guests or if you foiling we can tow you into waves so you don’t need to paddle.

• Price : US$ 200 per session

• Boat Hours :from 06:30 am to 05:30 pm , maximum 03 hours per session

Our Boat Captains

Our boat captains are really good local surfers that have been trained and certified in driving boats in stormy seas and in rescue techniques. Please, follow their instructions, they know more about the surf and dangers of the place than you do.

These are the signals we use.

Paddling out to Surf and Boat picks ups:

The boat drivers will pick you up after you paddle out and pass the waves, they will not pick you up where the waves break neither near the shore. They will only do so if it’s an emergency.

Boat Ride Back to the Point Break:

When you surf a wave and want to be picked up and be taken back to the point break, you will have to paddle out of the area where the waves are breaking, it is dangerous to put the boats there, we will only do it in an emergency.

Waiting for the Boat to pick you up:

When you are waiting for the boat, please, be patient, the boat will come to pick you up, our security personnel is in constant contact by radio with our boat drivers. Boats con only carry 5 surfers + the driver, please wait four your turn it will come.

Taking a Wave after the boat Drop Off:

Remember there are surfers waiting for a wave before you arrive to the Point Break with the boat. It is not good “Surf Etiquette” to get there and just take a wave, wait until the other surfers waiting before you get a wave. There will be always a good wave for you, show your respect!