Surfing In Chicama

Chicama is one of the jewels of Peruvian surfing. Home to the longest left in the world, Chicama offers more than 2.2km of perfect waves that break year round. It is an ideal wave for all levels of surfing. There are sections of the wave that are easy, and others that are more difficult and demanding for more experienced surfers. The wave breaks perfectly from start to finish, from the sandy beach all the way to the pier. You will ride this wave until you feel your legs do not give anymore.

The wave is divided into seven sections: La Punta, El Cape, El Point, Las Dos Tetas, El Hotel, El Hombre and El Malecón. Each section is different and there’s always at least one spot with good conditions that will allow you to have a fun session.

La Punta is the section that has the biggest waves. It breaks when there is very few swell and is a good choice when there are no waves. It is not always aligned, but you can find a fun section here. It is ideal for those who ride Foil, as you can catch the wave from there since it has big walls and very few surfers. 

The Cape second section that receives more swell. When the swell is small this is a good choice. When there are more waves you will find a shorter and bigger wave, but it is not as aligned as the other sections.

The Point is the most constant of all and one our guests’ favorites. It has a perfect section that holds almost all sizes and directions. With a north swell it is small but perfect. With a south west swell it is good fun and connects to nearly the whole wave when it is big and with in this direction.

Las Dos Tetas and The Hotel are sections with two different faces, there is a slow section that is perfect for maneuvering and a fast section where you have to grab speed to connect to the next part of the wave.

El Hombre and El Malecon are the best sections of Chicama. When the swell is big and south west, the sea makes these two sections break and form a perfect wave that is fast and tubular, so that more experienced surfers can have fun. When it connects with the last section it is the best, since the wave has more size and quality. It grabs the sandbar and rocks to perfection.

The best season for Chicama is from March to November, as swell activity from the southern hemisphere makes waves the hit our coast with a lot of energy. This is when all the sections connect and form an endless wave. From December to February we receive the swells from the North that also work very well, making El Point have a perfect shape.

Best Conditions to Surf Chicama:

  •                 SW 210° + / 4ft + / 14 SEC+
  •                 SSW 197° + / 8ft + / 14 SEC+
  •                 WNW 300°+ / 2ft + / 15 SEC+