How to get to Chicama

Nowadays travelling within Peru means you can find modern airports and airlines of international prestige which are supervised by the airline transport authority to comply with security and consumer standards. There are many weekly and daily frequencies from Europe and the USA to Peru as well as efficient intraregional connections from Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador that get you to Lima´s international airport.
Getting to Chicama from Lima:
When you arrive to Lima´s Airport you can get a 50 min flight to Trujillo. Most of our guests book as the final destination Trujillo´s Airport that way laggage and surfboars travel all the way to Trujillo.
By Plane:
There are 2 airlines that operate flights from Lima to Trujillo; these are LATAM and SKY AIRLINES. Both airlines charge extras for surfboards (Around US$ 30 per way). CHICAMA BOUTIQUE HOTEL provides a transfer service from the airport to the hotel (1:30hrs car ride) and viceversa. After booking please ask for our transfer service to
By Car:
This way to come to Chicama is recommended for Peruvian residents or travellers used to drive cars in foreign countries and are used do long distances by car. Car ride takes aroun 9 to 10 hours. There are severall TOLLs along the Panamerican Highway, they charge around S/.8.5 or S/.9.5 every 100km so expect around six of them from Lima to Chicama. Try to use gas statioins in tows like Casma / Huermey / Chimbote / Trujillo. The best is to use Google Maps and search us as Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa, you can also use the following link: and be aware to have Internet Connection in your phone. While driving to Chicama we will contact you by pone or Whatsapp.
Visa and Embarkation Card
Citizens of most countries in the Americas and Western Europe do not require a visa to travel to Peru.When entering Peru you will be asked to fill out an embarkation card. This piece of paper is very important since it has to be given to the migratory authority when you leave the country, do not loose it. We recommend you make various copies of your passport and embarkation card in case the originals are lost.