Chicama is one of the best places in the world to practice this sport, as it has very long waves and endless walls-the perfect combination to fly and have the best sessions of your life in Foil. You can get from La Punta to El Muelle in one wave, with different sections to perform maneuvers or pick up speed. Outstanding foilers such as Kai Lenny, Laird Hamilton, Robby Naish and Nicholas Leason have visited us. Robby and Nicholas have visited us to try out new prototypes for their Foil brand, Lift Foils.

Kai Lenny (currently the best Foiler in the world) recently shared his top 3 spots to practice foil in on Instagram, and put Chicama at #1. Don’t wait any longer and come to Chicama to fly and ride the longest waves of your life.

The section of La Punta is one of the best for the foil, as it is the largest and you have more space to maneuver from one side to another. This wave has more strength so you have more speed when flying on foil. In this section there are no surfers, so it is safer for foil.

The Cape is very good too, and very similar to La Punta. Here you have lots of space to draw lines, pump and go fast. The good thing is that you almost do not have to worry about surfers, as they ride very little here.

At El Point the wave becomes more demanding, allowing you to maneuver and go fast. This is a very good wave, however you have to be careful not to cross surfers, as there are many in this section.

The Dos Tetas and the The Hotel section are good to maneuver and change direction, since the wave gives you more space. It is good to pump at the end of these sections because if you want to connect to El Hombre you have to cross a few sections of small walls.

El Hombre and El Malecon are the most demanding sections of all. They are very fast and with really long walls. Experienced surfers tend to stay here to look the tubes, but for foil it is a good part to go fast! However you must be careful with stones and surfers

Foil Surfing Rules

There's no doubt about it, foiling in Chicama is a good time, however isn't always welcome out in your local lineup as it can be pretty hazardous even if you are an experienced rider. With that said, here are some rules all Foilers comming to Chicama must follow:

1. Foil in uncrowded Sections of the wave:

The wave in Chicama has 7 defined sections, some of them are unusualy surfed and other are mainly used by surfers. Please, Foil away from surfers. This is the best way to insure your safety and the safety of those around you.

This map shows where you will be able to Foil safely without crowds:

Say you decide to paddle out at the main Point in Chicama (“El Point” as shown in the map) where there’s people surfing. Now, imagine what your foil would do to someone if you ran into them. Remember that the nearest reputable clinic is in Trujillo and located about 1:30hrs by car from Chicama.

There are plenty of horror stories out there where people have gotten seriously injured from colliding with a foil so it’s incredibly important that you choose an uncrowded section of the wave.

2. Don't drop in:

On a foil board you are able to pump out of waves, back to the line up and into another wave in one swoop. But this doesn't mean you have priority with every wave in the lineup. The surfer closest to the peak still has priority so it’s important that you never drop in on another surfer. This has always been an important rule when surfing or stand up paddling.

3. Don't ditch your board/foil:

Ditching your board/foil while surfing, pumping or paddling through the surf zone is dangerous for many reasons. For one, it could send your foil into another surfer or if you lose control of the foil you could even end up hurting yourself. Be aware of your foil and the surfers around you to avoid injury.

4. Towback Service or Towing for Foilers:

For safety reason we won´t offer our Tow-back shared service with Foilers as it will mainly be offered to surfers. Please, request a Private Boat for your foiling session as you will be foiling a different section of the wave, mainly starting at la Punta and you can also be towed into waves with this service.